We are a MedTech investment holding company focused on early cancer detection and intervention.

Our mission is to create a cancer-free world by 2048 through the elimination of late-stage cancers.

We aim to do this by harnessing innovations in medical technology that will help medical professionals detect cancers early, when they are curable.

Ark Bio was formed in 2018 through the merger of Venturecraft and MiRXES, which are now subsidiary companies of Ark Bio Holding Pte Ltd.

Venturecraft is our investment arm while MiRXES focuses on research and development (R&D), manufacturing operations, and product applications.

MiRXES is the global leader in microRNA detection technologies and applications and has launched the world’s first blood test for early detection of gastric cancer in 2019.

The record US$40 million Series A funding raised for the formation of Ark Bio in 2018 was backed by Gaorong Capital, one of China’s top five venture capital firms with a portfolio of over US$1.7 billion in committed investments.
We welcome investors, strategic partners, and technology collaborators.

Contact us today at info@ark.bio.