A world without late-stage cancer

By harnessing advanced data science and proprietary technology that is non-invasive, highly accurate and cost-effective, Ark is improving medical discovery and enabling the assessment of cancer risk before symptoms appear.

Early detection matters

  • 1 in 4 people will get cancer, of which more than 60% only find out when it’s too late. For a newly-diagnosed patient and his or her family, receiving the news is extremely traumatic and can turn their world upside down.
  • However, for many cancers, the survival rate can be more than 90% when detected early.

Our solution

We have developed a sensitive, non-invasive and cost-effective miRNA detection technologies to empower physicians and individuals to detect cancer early. With a simple blood test, we can detect cell-free miRNAs secreted by tumor cells, even before clinical symptoms appear.

We are evidence-based

Our products are evidence-based and have been researched using the largest qPCR-based miRNA database derived through 40,000 clinical samples. We partner with global leaders such as Harvard Medical School, J&J Innovation, A*STAR, and NUS to uncover novel cancer biomarkers.

We adhere to rigorous processes

Quality is at the heart of our scientific pursuit. We adhere to internationally recognised quality standards in research, production, and laboratory testing.

We are committed to research

Ark is committed to build a cancer miRNA atlas by characterizing tens of thousands of cancer patients and matched healthy individuals. We are validating our products through Asia’s largest cancer miRNA-related studies with leading medical institutions in China, Japan, Korea, Singapore and other Southeast Asian nations.